Wallflower…for the Girl Who’s Happy in the Corner

So, uh…my dream to create the world’s first canine-scented bodyspray has failed. I took it to the board of Goo-Qi in the hopes that they’d see my artistic vision, but instead…alas, they did not. People love dogs! I see them hugging dogs all the time like they’re furry pillows, so I assumed that smelling like a dog would bring in all the fine fellas and ladies. I’m not even a dog person, and I was forced to admit that the fragrance was unique.

So, plan B. I want to start a makeup line for people who don’t want to be noticed. That is, makeup that makes you look beautiful, but also blend into a crowd. It could be a gigantic hit! Plus I travelled to Brisbane to take a diploma of beauty therapy several years ago, when I was going to make it big as an advertising model. That didn’t pan out, because people don’t take kindly to you showing up on set looking glamourous and demanding to be a beautiful extra. So I might as well take that makeup course and put it to good use, somehow. I’m sure industry knowledge and the ability to test things on myself will come in very handy.

First thing I need is a great name. Fortunately, I know of several other girls in my course who were planning to start makeup lines, and a quick internet search reveals that none of them have done so yet. Now I can get the drop on them and still make it seem like it was my idea! Something to do with ghosts…Lady Ghost. Girl Ghost. Spectre Girl. Wallflower. Nope, that’s it…my new line will be called Wallflower. Wallflower Spectre? Spectral Wallflower? I’ll work on it. And now, to mix together a bunch of chemicals until I get the exact beauty-enhancing yet socially-concealing brew! And then I’ll pour it over my lipstick, my mascara, blush, whatever’s needed.

True, one of our makeup course tutors told us not to do this, in the one specific class where we talked about makeup production. But I have SO much experience since then. I’m a beautiful entrepreneur who doesn’t have to listen to anyone, nuh-uh. I’ll take that beautician course, pick out the bits I like and become rich and gorgeous and famous. Nothing can go wrong!