Climbing Rose Surprise

My girlfriend and I are going on a holiday together next week! We’ve had this trip planned for about six months, and we are seriously looking forward to it. It’ll be the first time we’ve ever flown somewhere together and stayed in a hotel – usually we go on road trips and camp by the side of our car (which is awesome too).

We’re going to Airlie Beach in Queensland, and it’s going to be warm every single day. I’ve already got a couple of surprises planned for her, but I want to keep surprising her for our entire holiday. On the day we arrive, we’re going to be driven to our hotel from the airport in a limo. At the moment she thinks we’re getting the bus. The next day we are going to go on a romantic beach walk which will lead us to stand up paddleboarding under the morning sun.

On the third day, I want to decorate our hotel room with beautiful climbing roses, so that when she wakes up she feels like she’s in a beautiful, romantic forest. You may have noticed the word ‘romantic’ come up quite a bit, and that’s because I want the entire holiday to be the most romantic getaway of all time. She’s without a doubt the love of my life and I want to make her life special forever. I want it to be even more special during our romantic holiday.

I wonder if they have many hybrid tea roses for sale near Airlie Beach. I want to buy the roses fresh, of course. I’m planning on sneaking out at sunrise to get the flowers. She’s a very deep sleeper, so I doubt that she’ll notice I’m gone, but just in case she does I’ll leave her a note saying I’ve gone for an early morning swim. That’s not out of the ordinary for me. 

Okay, t-minus 6 days until we are in Airlie Beach! I’ll keep you all updated.