The First Office

It wasn’t quite as bad as Dirk had expected. He adjusted his Dark Glasses, stepping into the brightly lit office space. Certainly, this office was acceptable. While Dirk knew he could do much better, it was a good start and wouldn’t have dragged down the morality of the staff members, as many other offices he’d seen would. It was bland, sure, and beige was a poor colour of choice, but it was serviceable.

Still, when Dirk was done with it, the employees of this accounting business would tell all their friends about how they have the best office interior design close to Melbourne. After all, he had a reputation to uphold. 

The building was deserted except for the manager in the back room. He didn’t need the manager to be there, or anyone really. But more often than not, the bosses gave their staff members the day off, given their office was out of action while Dirk was using it.

“You’re the man for the job, then?” asked the weaselly manager, stepping out of the back room.

Dirk nodded, taking his light-enhancing glasses off and putting them in his shirt’s breast pocket. “Do you have any particular requests, or should I just do my thing? Either way, I’ll make sure that after I’ve done what I need to do, you’ll have an office fitout Melbourne businesses will be jealous of. The design will be mint, too. I don’t have anything to do with the design or construction, but I can promise you it’ll be good.”


“Something the kids used to say back on the surface. Don’t worry about it.” Dirk motioned his head toward the front door, indicating that the manager should step out. “Should only be about half an hour. Go get some lunch or something. By the time you get back, I’ll be done.”

“What kind of power do you get from accounting? The magical ability to count to really high numbers?” Dirk started again.

With a smirk, Dirk use his mind to pick up a nearby chair, getting to work.