Spending On Solar

I got a pay rise! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has meant to me. I found out this morning and I’ve seriously been internally screaming out of celebration ever since. It’s beyond exciting. I’m still not on incredible money but it will make such a difference in my life. Now I’ll be able to buy things that I may not have been able to before, like now I’ll be able to get a 500KW solar system installed in my house. The initial installation costs were too high for me to be able to afford all in one go on my old salary, but the increase in my pay means I’ll be able to afford the installation next month. This is not only incredibly good for the planet, but it’ll also save me money on electricity bills going forward! Solar energy is so much cheaper than whatever the other energy is called, but it just costs more upfront. 

It’s so true what people say about the rich having to spend less money on necessities than people with a lesser income. That’s because rich people can afford to buy the best initially, things that would save them money in the long run. Poorer people, however, would have to really weigh up the benefits of solar power for business compared to normal electricity to make the decision. Even if the benefits of solar power outweigh the negatives, poorer people may struggle to make the commitment. 

I’m so blessed that I now have a lot more freedom to make these sorts of decisions. I will be able to make decisions that are better for the planet because I can afford to do so. Not much gets better than that. Every decision I make from now on will help give back to the world. I can even move away from fast fashion and buy more expensive pieces of clothing. How exciting!