Funeral in PerthToday was interesting. I had to accompany a good friend of mine to not one, but two, funerals in Perth. It seems almost cruel for one person to attend two funerals on the same day so I said I would escort him to try and provide some kind of relief. The first funeral service was for an old school teacher of his that had first inspired him to study medicine. Mr. Frederick’s was fairly old and had passed away peacefully. It was a lovely service and there was a very high turnout of ex students which I always think is a great testament to a teacher. My friend said there was something cathartic about attending Mr. Frederick’s funeral and he was pleased he had gone. We had a break in the middle for lunch where we talked about death and how we imagine both our funerals. While it was a morbid conversation I am glad had it. I had always imagined myself being cremated, it seemed like a more final way to leave this place but my friend disagreed. He liked the idea of leaving behind a place for the living to mourn him. I had never really considered being buried but attending the funerals was making me think about it. Anyway, we had to get to the next funeral. Sadly my friends great uncle had passed away and this was the second funeral service of the day. I managed to have a chat to the funeral director and he told me that the popularity of cremations in Perth was rising. He said that as people become more environmentally conscience there is a shift towards cremations, it was interesting to talk to him about it. Although, I hope it’s not a regular occurrence. Two funeral in one day feels like I have had my fill for at least two years.