Ute car show

I remember when I was a teenager me and all the other boys I knew started getting into two things; cars and girls. We all were so interested in v8 engines and fast cars but as time went on I developed a penchant for utes. There’s nothing like a good ute. They’re compact but can pack a mean punch. Plus if you’re someone who is a tradie, like me, they have impeccable storage space if you have aluminium ute canopies. I tend to go with my mates to all the car shows that happen in our area. I’m not huge on hot rods, however. A couple of my mates are fanatics when it comes to vintage cars. They’re suckers for the shape, size, and overall look. Personally, they don’t do it for me. I find them tacky and a bit too old for my liking. Whenever there’s a hot rod car show I tend to sit out. I’ve tried to enjoy them but I struggle. I do love a sports car show or a ute show. Now those I can spend hours at. Some of my friends struggle to relate to my interest in utes, but they still come with me to the shows for a day out. 

It’s always a really nice atmosphere when a ute show is on, especially when the sun is out. I always find myself talking to other ute fanatics. Then we start discussing where to buy ute trays in Melbourne. Sometimes we end up speaking for minutes! It is absolutely crazy how quick time flies when you’re talking about something you love. I’ve been in the market for a really solid aluminium ute tray but held off from buying one as I think I secretly love the browsing process more than the actual buying of the product. Browsing gives me plenty of reason to spend hours and hours on the internet researching different utes and ute trays. I actually think it’s my happy place. It’s when I feel most content and at peace.