Arch supports

A week ago I started training in kickboxing. There’s a gym about ten minutes from my university and I’ve never been one who is a huge sports enthusiast but I have had the growing desire to take up some sort of physical activity. Boxing has always interested me as it is a form of self-defence and exercise. It’s a way of getting fit while also learning something and it is one of the quickest ways to get in shape as it is a very intense workout that requires bursts of energy. One thing I noticed in class is there extreme pain in the arches of my feet. See, in kickboxing, you are supposed to stay on your toes to make you more agile and to make it easier to throw punches and kick. My instructor noticed that I was struggling to balance on my toes. I then explained the pain I was feeling in my arch. The instructor told me that it was simply the result of flat feet and that I should look into compression therapy throughout the day before and after training as this will help ease the pain associated with flat feet. He also advised me to stretch my feet on a rubber spike ball before each session just to help relax the nerves and loosen the tendons.

I’ve seen some arch supports being sold in my local supermarket but I’m struggling to trust their quality and how beneficial they might be. I’d hate to find out that what I was doing to help my feet was actually making them worse. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to book an appointment with a podiatrist in the Cheltenham area to ensure I get the proper support recommendation. Who knows, this podiatrist might even be able to figure out why I have flat feet and might know of better ways to treat this issue.