Strange Bathroom Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. In it, I was living in the United States, and I decided to drive out to see Las Vegas with my girlfriend. We got completely lost in the bright lights of the city, and couldn’t find our wallets, so we started begging for change in order to get home. Except, we didn’t get home. We ended up in San Francisco. There, my girlfriend turned to me and said, “I think we should get a bathroom remodel for our house.” That was a strange thing to say, given that our house was brand new, so there really wasn’t much point in renovating for at least another ten years.

Then, things got really strange. My girlfriend turned into a giant goldfish, floating through paddocks of grass while the northern lights danced above us. My girlfriend gave me a lift as if she was a horse, but she was a goldfish which was much more uncomfortable. As we moved through the grassy fields of the United States, we drew ever closer to the East Coast. When eventually we arrived (in Florida), I thought we would stop there, but I was incorrect. We went into the ocean, swimming all the way back to Australia. As we returned to the beaches of Melbourne, my girlfriend transformed back into a human. She led me by the hand so that we could find the best bathroom design business Melbourne had to offer.

We arranged for a bathroom renovation to be done to our house, which turned out to be a beach box in Brighton. As we approached our home, I was thinking that it was way smaller than what we had paid to have built. Entering through the rough, wooden door, the house appeared to be so much larger than should have been possible. My girlfriend took me straight to the bathroom and pointed out how much nicer it looked than before. Gee, those renovators can really get a job done quickly.

So, yeah, that was my odd dream.