Tool Box Treasures

I think I should probably stop telling people that live in houses that I’m no longer homeless. In the homeless community I’m without a doubt considered not a homeless person anymore, but I’ve noticed that people living in houses disagree. I’ve never been embarrassed about my living situation because stuff happens and I’m actively trying to improve my accommodation every day. Anyone who knows me knows that this is the case, which is why I think that the girl I have feelings for was expecting more when I told her I’m no longer homeless. 

When I invited her to my place to hang out, I had envisioned us lying underneath the tarp with just our heads exposed and looking at the stars. That’s one of the best things about living in a ute canopy, I can see the stars better than anyone living in a house ever could. When she got to my rusty ute, she wasn’t the least bit impressed. She didn’t even give me a moment to show her the quality tapered under tray toolboxes I had a company install under my ute. The toolboxes were my newest upgrade to the ute, and I was really proud of how much storage I now had. She wasn’t impressed. 

I’m starting to think that I just shouldn’t try with her anymore. I know she’s obviously interested in me because she jumped at the opportunity to hang out with me when I told her I was no longer homeless, but I want someone who likes me during the good and bad times. If she isn’t going to like me without a roof over my head, then she’s probably not the person that I should be falling for. 

I think I might install another ute tray. In the Melbourne area where I live, there are a lot of cool free things that I can collect. I collect everything in case I’ll need it one day, and if I get another toolbox installed then I’ll be able to keep the canopy free just for my sleeping bag and pillow.