Time to Buy

I don’t think I’m really ready to buy a house, but maybe I should just go for it. Even if I’m not exactly where in life I want to be and I won’t be able to buy my dream home, it might be best if I just get what I can afford. I’m sick of renting. The last few landlords I’ve had were terrible, and my current one is even worse. I didn’t think that was possible, but she’s proven me wrong. I didn’t mean for this to become a rant, but I don’t think there’s any stopping it. I intended to make this about my recent visit to a conveyancing firm near St Kilda. It was great, and I really should talk about that, but I’m just so annoyed about the latest thing my landlord has done.

Basically, we’ve been complaining about the gates at our house for months now. They are extremely difficult to open, and when you try with all the force you can muster, you’re more likely to get a splinter than actually succeed. Of course, she has put off getting them fixed for as long as she possibly could. The other day, she came around to get a measurement of the two gates, and I overheard her saying that she’s “so sick of these tenants complaining about everything. It shouldn’t be my job to fix this stuff when they obviously broke it”. Lady, firstly, it absolutely is your job to fix it, and secondly, the gate was already like this when we moved in. It’s in the condition report! 

So, that’s why I’m looking into all the Bayside conveyancers. I’ll be visiting a conveyancing business near Sandringham tomorrow. I know that might not sound like much of a reason to stop renting, but I just can’t stand the entitlement of these landlords. I’d rather get someone to help with the legal side of purchasing property and buy something than deal with another landlord who doesn’t care about my family at all. I’m sick of it. Time to be my own landlord.