Final Service Race

As our drivers prepare for the final race of the Tasmanian Racing Tournament, Frank Grills and Tom West are here to bring you the latest, greatest preview. Welcome back to the blog, Tom.

Glad to be here, Frank. What a big final race we have waiting for us. Who’s your tip to take the trophy home?

There’s a trophy? I thought they were racing for bragging rights. I’m joking, of course. The trophy is one of the finest in Australia. I think most people would rather win this cup than the one they give after the football season. Anyway, I think that Billy James is going to take the whole thing home. We haven’t said his name much, but he’s been flying under the radar, doing a lot of grunt work in the middle. If he can get through this race without needing a car service close to Cambridge, he should win the whole thing. So, Tom, what’s your prediction for the big dance?

I think that Terry Williamson is going to win this race. He’s a very good driver, and I think he’s going to prove that on the big stage. This is where the good racers shine, and I think his class will just get him over the line. That said, we shouldn’t discount Bob Peters, either. He’ll be ready to get back on the road after a stint on the sidelines, with his recent tyre service. Cambridge isn’t that far, though, and I think his injury-prone truck should hold up.

Good point, Tom. Maybe I’ll change my tip to Bob. He did prove that his truck has got the big body needed to really make an impact in the middle. He’ll be crashing packs and charging to the front.

There’s certainly an air of excitement here as the racers get to the starting line. Our racers that finished in the three-way draw will be off first, followed slowly by the rest of the competition. Let’s see where this goes!

When we return, it will be to announce the official winner. Stay tuned, everybody. This is Frank and Tom, signing off.