The renovation project is full steam ahead

ride on floor sweeperMy partner and I had saved up enough money to buy a small house to renovate. My parents thought it was a great idea, we had all learned so much from the last renovation that it would be easy for them to help us this time. I was not convinced, but before long I was tossing out old furniture in another dusty old home. This time at least the owners were not quite as messy as the last house. They had been old and had a lot of stuff left behind that needed to be trashed. I was thankful that my job was to deal with the tree removal. Brisbane has a ton of tree surgeons who are skilled at removing unwanted trees. I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted in the backyard this time, I was eager to make something amazing. I planned to strip the old garden back to soil and remove the overgrown trees.  I started to plant the bulbs, arranging them neatly into different colours. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the stumps once all the trees had been removed. Having a stump pulled up from the ground is a big job, I thought it better to go with stump grinding, Brisbane friends had advised that it was the better option and I have to agree. The yard had far too many trees for a proper modern landscape garden design, I knew that once they were cleared away I would have a better idea of the space. I wanted to the garden to be as impressive as the main house. It would take a lot of work but I knew an impressive garden can add thousands to the asking price of a house.

My parents were busy inside getting the house cleaned out. The cool thing about this home was the polished concrete floors, you don’t see that very often in old houses. I had a sneaky suspicion that the previous occupants were fans of renovations television shows and had decided to tear up the carpet in favor of polish concrete. The floor were extremely dusty but my father was confident that he would be able to get them looking new if he hired a power sweeper. Brisbane was getting hot as Summer had just started. I was thankful to be left dealing with the yard because it was hot and dirty work in the garden. It was nice to come inside and sit in the cool. This renovation was going much smoother than the previous one. All the oversized items had been taken away and left on the curb for hard rubbish collection. That left the rooms clear for the commercial sweeper to do it’s work. My father looks like a kid on a go kart sitting on the ride on floor scrubber. He had a grin from ear to ear, we all wanted to give it a ride. I could understand the appeal as soon as I got on, I would have been happy to scrub all the floors myself. I had a good feeling we were going to make a big profit on this house. Hopefully enough for my partner and I to buy our own home. Fantastic day, 9 out of 10.