Ladder hunting

Tfibreglass laddershis day has been plain and boring. It has been more or less the definition of mediocre, the quintessence of average. Really. I don’t know what I can say that will give you more of an understanding of my day than that.

Today, as the final part of our moving in shopping, my partner and I went ladder shopping. Yep. It’s exactly what is sounds like. We went to a whole heap of ladder shops and looked quizzically at their ladders. Actually, surprisingly, we learnt (or more I learnt, Chris is pretty switched on with this kind of thing) that there are quite a few different types of ladder. Let’s see now. You can get aluminium or fibreglass ladders, but within ladders themselves there are a whole ton of subgroups. Often when you’re thinking about a ladder, what you’re thinking of might not even be a ladder. For example trestles aren’t ladders, they’re like this whole different thing. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise I actually learnt.

The whole experience would have been totally different if we’d actually bought something. Because that was the problem with today. We spent literally hours looking at these ladders, and we had narrowed it down to two – two finalists, if you will. Despite myself, I was actually getting pretty excited about buying one. It was going to complete our shed. We were going to be like a real, adult couple. Then, at the last minute, Chris decided we couldn’t possibly decide on the spot. So we went home, so Chris could properly research the two finalists. He’s a bit of a perfectionist, my Chris, and apparently he’s going to look up reviews for the two brands and makes we’re looking at, which personally, I can’t understand. I just wanted to buy one, for Pete’s sake!

Due to the long hours search and the inability to come to any decision, I’m giving this day a 5/10.