The Property Genius is Me

property lawIt was me. I WAS THE COMPUTER WIZARD.

The white-hat wizard, that is. Slipping into people’s websites and computer systems to ascertain weak points is rewarding work, I can tell you that. And the best part is that you feel like you’re doing something off-kilter, but actually, it’s just part of the job. It’s like if you were paid to try to sneak past security at an airport or something, except here it’s not like people are shooting at you. Mostly.

Pretty interesting, the things you can find when rooting around. Like, you’ve got all these property deeds, now stored electronically. Let’s hope the property lawyers in Melbourne also have physical copies stored somewhere, because if someone were to break in here, they’d find a lot of delicate material.

Still, that’s what I’m supposed to be here for. To keep all that stuff safe. So no one needs to worry about property documents going missing, because I’m on the case to make sure no one can get in and engage in any tampering. Ironically, a lot of my job involves making sure people do, in fact, have physical or offline copies of things. Like, imagine if you couldn’t prove that you owned your own home. You’d be rifling through your drawers and filing cabinets, but…nothing. Just like in that movie with the thing, you’d have no identity. Dastardly cyber criminals will have wiped it all out, and…actually, I don’t really know what happens then. Maybe there’s a commercial law firm in Melbourne CBD who can find something to make you into a real citizen of planet Earth again. They have access to all kinds of records, protected from people by me, one of the good ones. But still, wow, what a lot of hassle. And for once, it’s hassle caused by too LITTLE paperwork.