Needling, With Technology

dry needlingYou can do anything with technology nowadays. I remember when we first moved from Canada and my Aunt said she’d set up video chat so we could chat face to face. This was…about fifteen years ago? Anyway, the technology sucked. You’d see the person moving on the screen about once every three seconds, there was no real audio in-sync and nobody ever actually looked at the camera. Always just above, because that’s where the camera was.

Nowadays? It’s…well, talking to my family is about the same, because they’re out in the sticks and things have been the same for years. But for the rest of the world? It’s all good, so much better than it used to be. I managed to do an entire distance course, learning French from some guy in Los Angeles. Got such a taste for it that now I’m jumping on the bandwagon and looking into New Zealand dry needling courses…by distance. Still not sure if they allow that, but it’s so trendy nowadays to offer live-streams and such, I figure it’s worth a shot. The local legend is that dry needling comes from Canada, or at least some parts of the technique, so the family will be happy to know I’m living up to my cultural roots. Not that I’m going on a massive pilgrimage or anything…that would defeat the purpose of learning in my pyjamas. Also, I’m getting really tired of accounting. I know it’s not a BAD course or anything, but I feel like I can help a lot more people if I learn something like dry needling. Thing is, I also live in the sticks, so I’d either have to travel into Christchurch for a dry needling course for a couple of weeks, or see if I can manipulate my way into doing it by distance. Look, both are fine. I just like the idea of sitting in my room, with a cup of tea, and learning like that.