GAT-Man, and Also Bathrooms?

bathroom renovationsProbably the worst part of being in school is being a teenager, with a load of adults trying to be relevant and failing, constantly. Of course, when you’re a teenager, you think you know basically everything. Doesn’t really do down well when people get on your ‘level’.

Remember the GAT? It wasn’t all that much fun for anyone, but one year they tried to make it more fun by adding a superhero called GAT-Man, plastered all over the test papers to make it seem super cool and fun. So embarrassing. But I can see why they’d do something like that, unlike my CURRENT workplace. We’re supposed to be helping people find services they need around the area of Bayside. Bathroom renovations, garden landscaping, that sort of thing…actually, I mention the bathroom renovators because that was a job we had this morning, and it was a job I was able to handle perfectly well without our office’s ‘motivational’ session. We have one at the start of every day, and it’s slowly killing me. Our policy is one of friendly and enthusiastic customer service at all times- the rationale being that people are more likely to want bathroom renovations and such if they’re feeling cheerful and valued- so the boss has these mandatory session at the start of each day. We get together, he pulls out the ukulele, someone gets the cajon, someone else gets the maracas (my job this morning) and we all have to sing a set of motivational songs. Then we have to join hands and ‘flush the negativity from our souls’.

I’m sorry…I got into this to provide quality links to bathroom renovations in Bentleigh and beyond, and now I’m having to shake maracas and sing about how we’re shutting the door on our negative vibes. Not what I signed up for, to be honest.