Designer Lighting, Normal Bulbs

designer commercial LEDI’m starting to think I should learn another language. I know a lot of people say that, I think I could do it. I’ve got a good head for languages, confirmed by the fact that I still remember a good half of the Indonesian we learned in year 6. One year, and nothing else exciting happened, and I still remember all the essentials.

Selamat pagi! Selamat malam! Chocolat.

That means brown.

I dunno…it’s just, recently I’ve been around at Jon’s house, and they’re speaking Romanian or whatever, and I’m just sitting there with my single, sad little language. Makes me feel so useless.

And I’ve had a lot of those recently. The other day I had a complete mental blank and forgot how to change a bulb. Partially blaming Mum for that once, since she was the one who introduced me to designer lighting. If it was just a good old traditional lamp, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But no, my home needs to be CLASSIER. Get a CLASSY lamp. Unfortunately, that swanky bit of designer lighting made it so the bulb replacement was more complicated than usual. Not much more complicated, mind you, but I hadn’t had my coffee on that particular day, so my brain wasn’t working as it should. Case in point, I actually considered calling an electrician. To screw in a light bulb. Fortunately my brain unfroze and I figured out that I just had to unscrew it a certain way.

But oh boy, am I ever feeling useless right now. Not that I have any plans to be a translator, but it would be a confidence booster if I learned a second language. I mean, it’s that or a commercial LED lighting expert, and I think we all know that career option is forever lost to me. At least I CAN replace a bulb. I’m not totally useless.