Mental Rest Down to an Art

Nothing is quite so good for the health as an annual beach holiday. I’ve lived for many a year, and despite the stresses of work and family life, I always have that one thing to look forward to.

But you see, I’ve got it down to an art, this relaxation business. It’s not just about relaxing your body and brain, as most people tend to think. You can lie on the beach and turn off your phone, but what you REALLY need to do whilst on a holiday is evaluation. That’s what I do, every year. A full checkup at the doctor’s, and a psychological evaluation with a psychiatrist. I don’t *feel* like I’m mentally strained, but I just don’t feel like it’s a proper holiday unless I walk away with peace of mind about the soundness of my entire being. So amongst hotels in the Mornington Peninsula, psychologists are also something I need to pre-plan. Doctor’s appointments aren’t quite as important. Those things are everywhere, and they almost always support walk-ins. But not as many people go to a psychiatrist on their holiday, so it’s good to confirm these things beforehand.

Of course, I try to get it done early. Then I can spend the rest of my holiday sipping coffee, going for long walks and just enjoying the simple act of…not doing anything, mostly. Otherwise, as you can tell, the holiday is quite standard. The extra good news is that I think a lot of the stigma around psychological evaluations has vanished. Not that it ever stopped me, but a few years ago it was odd and slightly suspicious (apparently) to go and get one done when you seemed fine. Like you had something to hide. Now, people are far less bothered by that kind of thing, which is quite good for psychologists. In Mornington, I should find a few. First time going on holiday there, in fact, but not to worry. I’ve cracked the formula, so I know it’ll be a restful time.