The Future of the Play Centre

indoor play centreMan, I really can’t wait for the future. Maybe it’s all the sci-fi I’ve been watching and reading and generally consuming, but nowadays whenever I find difficulty with literally anything I just have to imagine how easy this’ll be in the future. Sat next to someone at a wedding who you don’t know and are dreading after the ceremony when you’ll feel obligated to start talking to them? 8 am, you’ve teleported out the second it finishes and right to the table with all the cakes! Stuck in a long supermarket queue and you realise that you forgot your wallet? They can just scan your eyeball, making it so you can carry your credit card around. See what I mean?

Now my brother and sister-in-law have a kid, I’m asked to take care of it all the time and I’m just thinking about the future of indoor play centres. Roxburgh Park has one, seems like everywhere has them nowadays, but imagine…the play centres of the future. You won’t need to watch your kids, obviously, because they’re monitored every second by drone-bot-droids. Childcare drone-bot-droids. They make sure the kids are happy at all times, monitor their sensory output, and assess exactly what’s needed to really make that child happy. Does the child like juggling? Video games? Or perhaps they’re just really into 1950s jazz, which by that point is BEYOND vintage because it’s the future. Doesn’t matter. Indoor play centres and birthday party venues will basically be the place to go if you want an afternoon off, because the bots will do basically everything for you. They can make the food, care for the kids, sing one of 111,000,000 programmable songs and even dance! Plus the place will basically be built by them, so whatever, might as well let them run the place.

Nowadays, the places are staffed by people, who I’m sure do their best. Hey, I know a few kids birthday party venues in Penrith and roundabouts. Wonder if they could use some automation?