Catch it All on Video!

Melbourne video productionPeople say we’re made of stardust. That must be false, because we have cake, and cake clearly tastes much better than that. How do you get delicious cake from stardust? That’s just silly. Like STARS taste of cake! So nice try, science, but there must have been some sort of gigantic cake planet around at the start of universe and that’s where all cake comes from in this time and place.

Yep, I sure do think carefully about stuff. Can’t afford to just accept everything people tell you. That’s the thing about what you hear: they say you can’t believe any of it, and only half of what you see. I’ve always been a sceptical child, because I wouldn’t believe that my parents were married until they showed me the wedding video. Melbourne was a different place back then, it seems, because young me took one look at all the weird hairstyles and decided that it must have been set up. It was an elaborate ruse! But I did a bit of research, and it turns out that people DID have hair like that back in the day. Alright, the wedding video checks out. If I ever get married, I’m getting some of the best wedding videography you’ve ever seen, with a special focus on the ceremony. Anyone can slip on a ring and say they got hitched at some point, but with some solid evidence that it was all said and done, no one will forget. And when me and my wife are old and grey, we can look back on that flawlessly-presented video and say that we definitely did get married on that day so many years ago. No denying it! It’s proof, right there!

Videography can do so much, really. There needs to be more videographers, so that people can stop denying things. I really envy those people in reality TV shows, with cameras following them around 24/7 so that everything is caught and recorded. Maybe I can hire some Melbourne video production people to follow ME around, so that no one will ever tell a lie about me again. It’s foolproof!