No Current Talk. Only Talking Cars

auto mechanic FairfieldI’m not gonna lie; I don’t think this new guy is fully committed to the ideals of the club at all. We’re here to talk about things of the future, but all he wants to do is talk about the present and the great schemes that we could be part of that will get us rich in no time at all. More than once, I’ve confronted him about his lack of focus on the world of tomorrow. He just smiles that charming smile of his and says that he’s helping us to prepare for the future, and why should we only look forward without making preparations for tomorrow.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t a ‘planning for the future’ club. It’s a Futurist Club. NO BACKWARDS TALK. NONE.

Anyway, so, in the future, cars will be alive, and mechanics will be like vets. This is the next step in the auto mechanic career…step. You go along to your friendly, local mechanic near Brunswick East, as I would often do, but instead of a simple matter of leaving your car there and hoping it gets fixed, the whole process will be a bit more involved. The car will tell you what’s wrong, so you bring it in for auto repairs- presumably to a place that they have pre-selected- and that will be how business is conducted. I suppose cars will be intelligent enough to book themselves in, come to think of it, since they’ll also be doing the driving. So you don’t even need to do a thing, although hopefully they leave you a note to let you know where they went. It’d be a bit of a surprise to wake up in the morning and find that your car has driven off in the middle of the night to some far flung auto mechanic in Fairfield (they liked the way the oil was changed last time), and you can’t get to work. You’ll have to pay sixty credits for the instant teleportation service, otherwise your boss is going to be ticked off. He’s a synthetic being made of plasma and a rare metal humanity discovered from a crashed meteorite in 2027, so his circuits get a bit crackly when it rains.

See, that’s a futurist’s opinion. No money-making schemes necessary.