Long Live the Great Solar Kingdom

hyperbaric medicine MelbourneUltimately, I would rank our goals in a very strict order:

  1. Become the greatest civilisation the world has ever known. I think we’re making decent headway with that one, since we just discovered that Mavis makes lovely blueberry muffins, and we’re all just generally really nice. Plus, Marvin said that there are portable oxygen chambers available in Melbourne, and if they’re portable, then our oxygen problem could very soon be over.
  1. Don’t portray ourselves as crazy to the general public. That’s something that a lot of cults do, and it just doesn’t benefit them in the end, since no one wants to give them any loans or do business with them anyway.
  1. Destroy the Lunar Kingdom, for the crime of pride.

That’s all pretty basic. Of course, we have slightly more of an uphill battle trying to convince people that we can live on the sun, but to me that’s just an occupational hazard. History belongs to the bold. And there’s nothing bolder than establishing a new Solar Kingdom…on the SUN.

So, anyway, hyperbaric chambers. I like the sound of them. Obviously, oxygen is going to be a different kettle of fish up there, and it might be a bit of a transition period. Oxygen chambers are for people with breathing problems, so maybe it can be applicable as people get used to a new environment. Plus, it provides an isolated environment, which could be great for people getting used to all that light. We have some pretty good sunglasses ready, but maybe it might become a bit much. And so, we have our hyperbaric chambers. Melbourne┬ácompanies sell standard chambers that will have to be pretty good, and quite durable, but then these things are made to keep oxygen in, so I bet they’re perfect for us.

They’ll all see, once our kingdom is established. A kingdom of light, and love, and wonderful muffins. And cool shades! We’ll basically be the biggest exporter of cool shades in the world.