Any Time for a Quick Hair Chop?

hair stylist MelbourneWork is nice, but it’d be even nicer if it started earlier. Or later. Just our work, mind you. Every other type of work can stay exactly the same. That way, I could go to both the post office and the hairdresser and still make it to work on time.

Seriously though, whose idea was it to synchronize all of the important stuff? If it’s Monday and I want to get my hair cut, and I’m REALLY feeling fuzzy and I had not time on the weekend…I’m stuffed. There aren’t  any hairdressers in this industrial area, with the closest being Southland, but…I have bad experiences with shopping centre hairdressers. Something about them just makes all of their work production line. Back when I lived in the CBD, hair salons in Melbourne were not my concern. I guess that was because I worked from home, and I had my pick of the bunch at whatever time I wanted. Now I’m working like a normal office person, my hair is becoming a pain and no one else seems to be suffering from this problem. Like, everyone just walks in day after day without a single hair out of place, like they just woke up that day like that, or maybe a cherub descended from the ceiling and gave them that little bit of hairdressing that they needed. There was definitely not struggling for minutes and minutes in front of the mirror like me, taking so long that eventually I just have to take my hair stuff to work and do my hair in the bathroom, in secret.

I mean, if there WAS an award winning hairdresser in South Melbourne, open now, I could maybe slip out for lunch and get back in time. I just need a trim. But I don’t think the stars will align quite so neatly. And then, walking into the office with shorter hair than half an hour ago would just seem…odd. Wonder if anyone would notice?