My Beloved Bentleigh

local mechanicsOh, now this is pretty perfect. Even back in my home country, I was always a big fan of cars. I used to have them imported, I loved them so much; I wouldn’t drive anything else. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the importing, but finally, my beloved car has arrived!

Something about a jet-black luxury sedan just makes it nicer to drive, I think, even if it ends up looking like a hearse. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s even a place in Melbourne called Bentleigh. I wonder if there are places in Bentleigh doing car servicing?

I really do need a great deal and a reliable auto mechanic. I’m not letting any old person work on my pride and joy. This is a custom-made vintage vehicle with all sorts of modern conveniences, such as tinted windows, electrical sun shades and a special coating of heat-resistant paint. I really did like the idea of being able to drive around in the day, even with my peculiar skin condition, so I’ve equipped it with everything possible. That wasn’t really much of a problem in my home country which was perpetually-cloudy, but it’ll be a true test here in Australia. Perhaps once I’ve found a mechanic, I’ll have to ask them about what sort of technology exists in Australia to repel heat. There has to be a wealth of options, what with all the sun and sunlight, and their advertising that decries the effects of UV rays and encourages protection from skin cancer. Those are all things I can understand.

But first, I need to investigate this car place in Bentleigh. Mechanics around there are perhaps of a higher calibre, as they would have to be, bearing such a prestigious name. And any extra additions that repel the dreaded sunlight would be most welcome, even in the middle of winter.

-Ivanov Maxim Payler-Alucard