My Morning Fiat Failure

This morning has been a complete trainwreck.

Fiat serviceFirst, I forgot to set my alarm to go off at the proper time. I know that most people set their alarms to go off at the same time every day, but I guess I like the flexibility of choosing when I wake up. You see, I’m usually a morning person, and so I try and wake up a couple of hours earlier than I really need to, so I can do some reading and such before I go to work. On this particular morning, I was extremely tired from working late all week, so I planned to set my alarm for later. When my alarm failed to go off, my internal body clock woke me up, but only after I’d slept for twenty minutes longer than I’d meant to. Naturally, this meant that I spent the rest of the morning running around like a headless chicken until I could limp frantically out the door, running a total of two minutes late.

You think that only being two minutes behind would be a lifesaver, and on any other day of the week it would have been, but it just so happened that today was the day beautiful little Fiat refused to start up. I’ve had the car for a while, and I must admit that when I tried to think back to the last time I went to the Fiat service garage, it was probably about two years ago. Woops. There I was, stuck behind the wheel of a car that just wouldn’t start, trying desperately but failing to get to work on time.

After five minutes of futile effort, I resigned myself to just calling the Fiat service people in Melbourne and getting them to tow the car away or something. I called in to work, telling them how late I was going to be, and ended up just grabbing a cab. The cab dropped me off a block away from my office, and while I was walking there, one of the heels on one of my favourite pairs of shoes snapped. And it was raining. And I didn’t have an umbrella.

This day really deserves the -1/10 rating I’m giving it.