Laser hair removal for my little sister

laser hair removal MelbourneI was so relieved, I had done it. I had just taken my sister for her very first laser hair removal. My sister means the world to me, and I do my best to take care of her. As the older sister, I want to teach my youngest sibling all the important things about being a woman and taking care of her appearance. My mother never cared for makeup or skincare and growing up had neglected to teach us about it. I had learned the hard way, discovering things for myself and from friends. I didn’t want my little sister to have to do that as well. I wanted to help her as much as I possibly could. I promised her that I would take her to get laser hair removal in Melbourne when she was ready.

We had just had lunch at a local cafe after spending a lazy morning getting pampered. I’d asked my sister what she had thought after her appointment and she told me she had a great time. She was a little worried about the laser hair removal before the session. I explained that the laser didn’t actually hurt. Once my sister had started telling me what she liked best about having smooth skin, she couldn’t stop. When my sister had finally finished her food, and her conversation, we headed back home. My sister had not noticed that while she was getting her legs done I had sneakily gotten lip injections, Melbourne ladies are allowed to have a secret or two. I love having plump lips and unfortunately I was not born gifted in that area.

I had convinced my sister that going to the beauty salon was going to be our sisterly bonding time, I planned to take her at least once a month. My sister’s was concerned she wouldn’t be able to afford to get the hair removal done frequently. I told her not to worry about any of that as I was happy to cover the costs. I was content with paying for her appointments, as long as I was spending time with her. The hard part is going to be convincing my overbearing mother that a sixteen year old girl needs to frequent get hair removal at a beauty clinic. Fantastic day with my sister, 9/10.