Moving to beautiful Melbourne

laser hair removal MelbourneI had just moved interstate and was finding it hard to locate Melbourne places like; hairdressers, body hair removal, coffee shops, you name it. I was having lunch at one Melbourne’s famous cafes on the main street in Richmond and was really impressed with their food. Most of all Melbourne was an amazing place go get coffee! I was very pleased to find a good coffee shop.

While eating my lunch I overheard two women talking about how great their laser hair removal clinic was. From what I had picked up from their conversation they both went to the same place to get their body hair removed. They both had beautiful healthy looking skin so after I’d finished eating I decided to ask them all about it. They were a bit shocked that a stranger was listening to their conversation but once I explained I was new in town they understood. They told me they went to the beauty clinic just across the road from the cafe. I thanked them and left them to finish their meal.

After lunch I decided to walk over the road to see about laser hair removal. Melbourne has such a beauty and fashion culture, I’m excited to be a part of it. The place looked and smelt amazing. I instantly felt relaxed and ready to have a treatment. The woman behind the counter was very friendly. She told me about all their services and gave me a brochure with their prices listed on the back. After hearing the women in the cafe speaking about how great they were, and the wonderful feeling I got when I walked into the clinic, I decided to give them a try. As expected, they were amazing.  That was definitely going to be my new Melbourne laser hair removal clinic

of choice. When I got home I realised I had found everything I wanted to find in Melbourne, all in one day and all by coincidence. Sometimes it pays to eavesdrop. I’m going to give today at healthy 8/10.