My bathroom of shame

I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful to see a man walk through my front door in all my life.

Tile and grout cleanersPlease, let me explain. I am a woman, in my twenties, living outside of home. I thought I was perfectly capable of handling the whole transition from living with my parents to going it solo, and for the most part I have been. I do my own cooking, my own washing, I go to the supermarket, I work, I earn, life goes on. I have days off and I enjoy them. I do everything I’m supposed to do – except for the one chore I’ve always hated.

At first I ignored cleaning my bathroom out of apathy. I would clean the whole house and leave it until last. I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve always hated cleaning the bathroom. I’ll do it next week. Well, next week it was the same excuse, as it was the week after that. Slowly, I didn’t ignore it so much as dread it. I’d wash my teeth in the kitchen sink. I started showering at the gym instead of at home. To my horror, as the weeks and months passed, the bathroom became my own personal hell. It wasn’t until a friend came over that I realised what I had done. She was horrified! She actually screamed. The next day I was on to the best tile and grout cleaning company in Melbourne. The gloves were on and the chemicals were out.

When a man who was, he said, one of the best tile cleaners in Melbourne walked through my front door, I knew I was saved. Needless to say, he was in there for hours. I said this was one of the worst bathrooms he’d ever seen. There was nothing I could do but smile meekly. His horror shamed me to my very core. Hours later, when he finally walked out, I decided it was time to venture into my bathroom for the first time in months. The change was staggering. I almost cried.

This was a day when me see the error of my ways and fix my mistakes. I give this day a 7/10.