Dreams are for rookies, kid

Eco friendly housesToday has just been one of those days, you know? I guess I lot of days are ‘those days’ when you’re out on the town, house hunting, like I am. House hunting is supposed to be one of those amazing things that people love to do and that people love to tell other people they’re doing. I guess I fall into that category, posting about my house hunting miss-adventures here on this blog, but that’s not because I’m gloating. Oh no, it’s because I’m fuming.

As part of the green generation that’s going to change the world, I’m only interested in buying environmentally friendly homes. Melbourne, it seems, has other plans for me. I have spent months looking for anything that fits my brief. All I want is something ultra-green and eco friendly, built from reusable materials and already hooked up to solar panels and a greywater system. Does that really sound like too much to ask? Well, apparently, Melbourne thinks it is. Until today I hadn’t found anything remotely worth my time. Things labelled ‘green’ turned out to be painted emerald. It was depressing. But today I found one of those houses, one of the fabled eco friendly homes my Melbourne friends told me existed but in which I’d never dared to believe.

It was perfect. It ticked every box. It was an eco warrior’s dream come true … and it cost as much as you’d expect saving the planet to cost. It may as well have cost the sum of all the coal in Australia, that’s how much it was. Too much.

Needless to say, I was and am still distraught. When something perfect walks along, you never want to look at the price tag, but I did and it will haunt my dreams forever. So long perfection, back to hitting the pavement for me. Maybe the perfect (but reasonably priced) house is out there still. Waiting for me.

Given the highs and lows, I give today a 5/10. Equal parts ecstatic and depressive.