Charting my IT course while dealing with family issues

IT courses MelbourneI have tried as hard as I can to make my father see reason. He just won’t listen to me, he has his own opinions on how I should run my life and I’m sick of it. It all started because of the blocked kitchen sink. That sounds strange, I know, but stick with me on this. The sink in the kitchen will not drain, guess who was the last one to use it? Yeah that would be me. I’m the one to blame apparently, I don’t even know what I could possibly have done to block a drain. Maybe that is my secret power, to block drains. My dad has not shut up about it since it happened. He has gone off on this weird tangent about how if I was in trade school I would know how to fix it. He has some sort of problem with me being in an IT course, Melbourne is the information tech centre of Australia but no I have to be plumber. I get it, trades are useful because they can do things, but it’s not like computers are useless. It’s like the blocked drain is a sign from above that I’m supposed to drop out of the IT course and pick up a spanner.  Dad didn’t think going to university or doing a course was worth my time, he has no faith in me at all. Mum just goes with the flow and doesn’t want to cause a fuss. He just doesn’t get it, he can’t even work his phone let alone a computer. How could he possibly support something he doesn’t understand right? Eugh so frustrating.

It’s like it doesn’t matter that my dream is finish my Melbourne IT course and make phone apps and PC games. Both my parents think I spend way too much time on the computer, it’s mostly for school work anyway. If I’m playing a video game for hours it’s not only because I enjoy it, I’m doing research in my industry thank you very much. I just hate that dad thinks I’m wasting my time by doing a computer course instead of learning about drain unblocking and sewer clearing. I feel like a guy who doesn’t have a job shouldn’t get an opinion on how I live my life. Mum doesn’t want to get in the middle of thing but it makes me feel like she doesn’t have my back. When the drain got blocked instead of trying to calm my dad down she simply booked in a drain unblocking in Melbourne. I know she means well but I would rather she take my side sometimes and act like a parent rather than a cheer squad for father fragile ego. I don’t see my father putting on a pair of overall and getting under the sink to try and clear the drain blockage himself. I’m doing my best to live in harmony with my family but I feel like it’s time for me to get a place of my own. I can’t have fights with my dad every other day and stay sane. I can’t study under these conditions, I need to put a focus on studies. I’ve got a part time job, it’s not like I can’t pay for someone to fix the blocked drain. Melbourne is full of people who have a room for rent, I would love being in the same house as other students. I might ask around when I get back to school and see if anyone needs a housemate. I’m going to give today a 6/10. It gets an extra point because I found chocolate in my car.