My perfect day

Limousine hireToday, I have to say, my day was pretty fantastic. I woke up and realised, oh my gosh, it was my birthday! I’m not sure how anyone could have a better realisation than that to wake up to. More than that, I remembered that my birthday this year was also a Saturday! Everything was going my way. What better day to have a Sweet Sixteenth than a Saturday? No school tomorrow, so people can go a little crazy, and everyone is pent up with stress over yesterday – ready to let loose! When I walked into the kitchen, I found that mum had made her famous raspberry pancakes and had called the school saying I didn’t have to go to Saturday Sport. After giving me my presents (a tan cashmere sweater, a new handbag, a new (kind-sized) bed, and a puppy!) mum told me we were going to go shopping for supplies for the party tonight t and to pick out an outfit for me.

We got home at about 5pm, and I’d only been home for maybe like 15 minutes when the doorbell rang. Lo and behold, there was Jake standing in a tux next to a stretch limo. Melbourne hire stretch limos out pretty easily I guess, because Jake told me to run in and change into my party outfit, and then we went on a ride, just the two of us. It was so romantic! When we got out, we were at Crown Casino (I felt like Kendall K) and all my friends were standing there, all dressed up! We all went and got dinner at Crown, and then got back into the hire limo to see Melbourne. When we got home, mum had set everything up for the party, and all my best friends and Jake were already there, so it was like totally perfect. The party was a huge hit as well.

I give this day a 10/10!!