Limo saves the exam day

airport transfers MelbourneIt was the morning of my very last exam at university ever. I had been up all night stressing, freaking out like crazy. My lovely little sister had been bringing me food and coffee during the night to make sure I’d keep my energy up.

Before my sister went to bed she yelled a few words of encouragement through my door. One of them was to make sure I took a shower, second was that she had made my lunch and it was packed in the fridge. The third things she said slipped my mind but I’m sure it was important. I was running a little behind schedule that morning so darted I off in my car with one place on my mind. I had to get to that exam room fast. I was about twenty minutes from school on the freeway when the car started jolting. It was losing speed fast and making a horrible noise so I pulled over.

I got back in the car and turned the key. The weird noise was there, but the car wouldn’t start. I really didn’t have time for this. I had to be ten minutes away in three minutes! Then I remembered what Mum had yelled at me, “Don’t forget to get fuel on the way ‘cause she’s just about out”. I called Mum and told her the car had stopped on the side of the road. I told her I’d have to run to school if I were to sit my examination otherwise I’d flunk. She told me she had a premonition that this would happen and had asked an airport transfers limousine company in Melbourne to follow me to school. I thought she was joking…until the saw the sleek black stretch limo pull up behind my car. I screamed unintelligible words of thanks to my mother on the phone. Locking my car I dove into the back of the beautiful limousine “Melbourne university and STEP ON IT!”.  In the end I arrive at my exam early and passed with ease. Mum got the biggest bunch of flowers that I could afford.