Fresh paint, fresh me?

1014-house-painting-service-980x735Today was a turning point. For the first time in a while I didn’t feel terrible all day. I can’t exactly say what this turning point means going forward but I think it is significant. I woke up and everything felt normal, it was grey outside and I couldn’t really see the point in doing much. I turned on the TV and there it was, my turning point, literally staring me in the face. There is a new reality TV show about house painters in Melbourne who come to your house and transform it into a shiny new one by redecorating for you. They repaint your walls, both interior and exterior, add a fresh coat to your fence, even re oil the deck! Exactly what I need, a fresh start. I submitted an application straight away.

I don’t know yet if I’ll be featured on the show but just the idea of it excites me so much. Not just having my house repainted but the hustle and bustle of being featured on a TV show. I think it’s just what I need. A boost of energy and excitement into my otherwise mundane life, just as my walls need a boost of colour and shine. Apparently the painters that come in are the best exterior house painters in Melbourne, they have even won awards for various public buildings they worked on. I wouldn’t even need to make any decisions as the TV show does it all for you, they expertly match colours and they will even repaint the weatherboards that I have on the outhouse. I really hope I get picked. I made my application as soppy as possible, I told them all about the sadness of the past year and how a fresh lick of paint is so much more than home improvement to me, it would be self improvement too. Fresh paint, fresh me.