I punctured the drainpipe

sewer repair MelbourneMother was simply furious with me this morning. I tried my best to explain that my intentions were only good, but she wouldn’t even listen to me she was so angry. Every time I opened my mouth to try and explain, mother yelled over me and told me to be silent. I knew I had done wrong, and that I was sure to be punished. I hadn’t seen my mother this furious in a long time, since before the fire. Clearly I had done a lot more damage to the drainage pipes than I’d realised. I sat nervously at table, shaking with tears quietly streaming down my face. I had to find a way to explain to mother why the kitchen had flooded and was covered an inch of water. Even worse I had to the terrible smell that was bubbling out of the kitchen sink, filling the house. I had a lot of thinking to do and fast, mother is good at seeing through lies. I had time to think because she was busy yelling at me without taking a breath to stop and let me explain.

I knew she was furious, but the yelling was not helping the situation. I don’t know why she wasn’t snapping into action and getting in touch with an emergency drainage plumber in Melbourne. Her rant was beyond unnecessary. I had my idea, I stood bolt up and said in a stern voice that I was only trying to do something nice. This stopped stopped the tirade long enough for me to continue. I had noticed the drain was blocked so I had tried to use a coat hanger to clear the clog. It had only made matter worse but I was trying to be helpful. I apologised and stated that I should have waited and and asked her before starting on the drain. Mum seemed to calm a little and got on the phone to book an appointment with a company that does sewer repair. Melbourne has a great reputation for having some of the best plumbers in the world. I just hope I can get mother to calm down and forgive me for trying to help fix the drain.