Convincing Lawyers

It wasn’t until a few hours later that the boy finally decided to show up. He arrived wearing that iconic private school uniform he’s so well known for, nonchalantly walking through the sliding glass doors and stopping at the reception desk.

“Wait, you’re not who I talked to before,” the boy said, looking at me with narrowed eyes. 

Under the desk, I motioned for Jackie to get into position at the entrance. “The lady you talked to before was out of order. She is merely my second in command and should have gotten me to help you. I believe there was a misunderstanding before. Of course, we can help you with all your problems that require conveyancing close to Highett.”

“Highett?” asked the boy. “I said I wanted to buy a house near Malvern, not Highett. What’s going on here?”

The boy went to turn, but I managed to keep his attention by doing a sudden backflip from a sitting position. His eyes went wide at my incredible display to acrobatics. I breathed a sigh of relief, with Jackie managing to stay out of his view.

“Do you want conveyancing lawyers who will do the bare minimum?” I said. “Of course not! Why choose basic conveyancers when you could have one who will literally do backflips for you?”

The boy rubbed his chin, considering. “You make a good point. And you mentioned that I don’t need to have any valid ID? My wallet was recently stolen.”

I shook my head. “Not necessary. We’ll be able to navigate around all the legal matters when it comes to your home purchase. That is our job, after all. When we’re done, you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

Because you’ll be rotting in a time cell for breaking the laws of space-time, you little punk, I thought to myself.

“Well, you sound like competent conveyancers,” my quarry said. “Say, where did all the other people who work here go?”

Panic struck me, as the boy looked around. I gave Jackie a stare that told him to act now.

Too late. The boy had already leapt out of his seat, drawing a futuristic laser gun from his school jacket.

– Amanda