Buyer’s Advocacy Confusion

I can’t believe we let that little brat slip right past us again. There we were, sitting outside of a cafe in Elsternwick, searching through the internet for new blog posts by the time-travelling kid, Benjamin. And then, we find one uploaded minutes earlier, with the kid saying that he saw us having lunch in our exact spot! If we hadn’t been so focused on the search, we would have found him. So frustrating. Of course, it’s all Jackie’s fault. I told him to keep a lookout while I did the internet search. He probably got distracted by one of the waitresses or something.

We’ve been to several trustworthy property advocates throughout Melbourne looking for the kid, ever since he stopped going to conveyancers, but we haven’t had any luck. Now we’re going to have to keep searching blind. I mean, he did say he’d be going across town, so at least that’s something. But still, I feel like this is pretty pointless. It’s not like we can go back to Mr Manager without the kid, though. He’s waiting in 1956 for us, and he won’t be happy if we fail our mission. In fact, we might even get evaporated for failing again.

So, if I want to keep my body and not become a sentient cloud of gas, I’d better go with Jackie to this buyer’s agent near Elsternwick. It’s unlikely that Benjamin is there, but he might be trying to trick us with his blog post. Maybe he was trying to get us away from here so that he could come back. After all, this buyer’s advocacy is one of the best-reviewed in all of Melbourne. It makes sense that he’d want to go there.

Believe me, the threat of being evaporated by Mr Manager is a real one. I once had a friend who worked for internal marketing at the Time Travel Agency, and he got evaporated just for misspelling a word. Mr Manager means business.

So, overall I’d give my day a 4 out of 10.

– Amanda