A Perth Funeral

Funerals in PerthSo today kind of sucked. There’s not really a nicer way of saying that. It was just a vaguely depressing, existential crisis bringing day that encouraged intense questioning of life, the universe, and everything. Why was it such an utterly disheartening day? I spent the afternoon listening to funeral directors in Perth talk about the life of my friend, that’s why.

A really good friend of mine, her name was Aisha, not that it really matters any more, was hit by a drunk driver three weeks ago and died on the scene. She was twenty four, had moved interstate to do a med degree, and had everything in the world to live for, but that didn’t make any difference. We’re the same age, actually. I never had my act together with anything, dropping in and out of uni, working terrible jobs to pay rent, but Aish had it all worked out. She was going places, you know? Not that any of that matter to that drunken idiot. Apparently he’s apologised a lot to the family, but what are they going to do? It was an accident. He, obviously, feels bad, but the family just wants him to leave them alone. He made a mistake, he’s probably not a bad person, but he wiped a ray of sunshine off the face of the earth and I can’t help but want to bad things to him. Make him pay.

Aish was cremated, after she’d donated all the appropriate organs and what-not. She was always caring like that, making her family agree to it when she turned 21. I’ve no idea where they managed to get cremations in Perth, but all that was left of her at the funeral was as inconspicuous metal urn. And I just don’t understand how you can reduce all of her endless potential into something so small. Not surprisingly, I’m gonna give this day 0/10.