Ice skating surprise

I’m not going to lie, todaIce skating Melbourney was freaking awesome. It’s my 23rd birthday (yay me!) which, as anyone will tell you, is the absolute biggest let down of all time. Here’s why: no one really cares. I mean sure, your partner is probably going to do something nice and you’ll have obscure family members calling all through the day to wish you a good one, but to the rest of the world, 23 just isn’t a big deal. It’s a nothing birthday. It’s between the big 21 and the rounded 25, and hence means literally nothing. Except of course to mark the day you slid out of your mother’s hooha 23 years ago. All that ranting brings me back to the reason today was so great. I didn’t expect anything, and so when my friends made a big deal out of it, I was suitably flabbergasted.

I know it’s one of those things you probably associate with little kids, but when my partner, Bill, was looking into Melbourne party venues, he found at that there are some ice skating rinks have function rooms and act as kids birthday party venues. He figured that, with the right amount of cajoling, he could get them to do a bit of a combination of the two, because even though he knew I’d want the fun, kid parts (ie, ice skating lessons and birthday cake) he also knew I’d be after the fun, adult parts (champagne and good food). Legend that he is, he invited all my friends and managed to pass off ice skating as a normal, romantic thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Getting there, I have to admit I was skeptical (I mean, ice skating? In Australia?), but when walking through the doors to see everyone I’d ever mentioned to Bill inside, I was absolutely over the moon. It was a huge surprise and a fantastic day, which is why I’m rating it 10/10.