What is wrong with Tom?

plumbing companies in MelbourneToday was a very odd day. It started completely normally, just another day. I woke up at the usual time, went through my morning ablutions, caught the usual train. You can see where this is going. Anyway, I get to work and Tom seems a little off. Normally we have a little chat, grab a coffee and then crack on. But today he was super jumpy and could barely even look at me in the eye. I tried asking him what was wrong but he just told me to leave him alone and he’ll fill me in later. I tried peeking over at his desk but all I could see were a bunch of brochures for plumbing services in Melbourne. He hadn’t mentioned anything to me about needing a plumber, which is strange as he knows my current boyfriend working a plumbing company. I couldn’t imagine what kind of plumbing issue would leave him in that state. Surely no leaky toilet or blocked drain is that bad?

After lunch I caught him pacing around the back room so I went to ask him if he was really OK and if I could help with anything. He told me he was just having a weird day and I don’t need to be concerned. I mentioned that I had seen the plumbing literature and if there is anything I can do to help I would. I tried to subtly mention that I had a connection to a plumber but he quickly and aggressively asserted that he was not bothered by plumbing companies close to Melbourne. As I left for the day I mentioned that if he wanted to stop by tonight for a drink that would be nice but he told me he didn’t need my sympathy. It was all in all very odd behaviour. I suppose I will have to wait for tomorrow to find out what’s going on.