The Real Bandit

I feel absolutely terrible. I just got my husband sent to jail, probably for life! That’s right, it was me, Ms Frankie, who has been smashing all the glass balustrades around Melbourne. After Bandit’s office designing streak, I decided that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And to be honest, it was thrilling. I loved smashing all that glass, and I just couldn’t stop. And now the detectives have found my fingerprints at the scene of the crime, along with those at my house, and they think they must be Bandit’s. I’ve made such a huge mistake.

I never would have broken a single glass balustrade near Melbourne had I known this was going to happen. I would have gone over to Adelaide and done it there. Now I’m going to have to confess to the crime so that Bandit can be released. I’ll be the one who is going to spend my entire life in prison, for all the damage that I have caused. I suppose I probably deserve it. But I’m going to miss my freedom. I’m going to miss Bandit. I’m even going to miss my third-grade class.

What if I have doomed those children to a miserable life following my terrible example? Hopefully, one or two of them is inspired to become a glazier close to Melbourne, fixing the problems I have caused, rather than following what I have done. I have failed in my duty as a wife and an educator. 

The least I can do is own up to my mistakes. I just got carried away is all. It’s easy to see how Bandit became such a highly-wanted criminal. He felt the blood rushing through him every time he sent a stone through a pane of glass. It’s something that I want to feel again, even now. You honestly should try smashing some glass yourself some time. It’s quite cathartic.

Maybe I’ll stop by a few more glass balustrades on the way to the police station…