That weird friend

trigger point dry needling coursesI am not going to lie, today was freaking weird.

I met up with my friend, Lily, which is always an interesting experience. Lily is not exactly what I would call ‘grounded’ and so you never quite know what you’re going to get with her. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time she’s great, but there’s often quite a bit of weird mixed in there with the normal. And I like weird. I just don’t like … weird weird. You get me?

At least it’s entertaining.

Anyway, catching up with Lily always makes for an interesting day, so I was fully prepared for my monthly dose of crazy, and let me tell you, she did not disappoint. Unbeknownst to me, Lily had signed up for one of the best dry needling courses in Sydney. Despite her peculiarities, she gives good first impressions and is a pretty decent student, so the surprise isn’t in her acceptance to such a top-notch institution, but rather her desire to do anything so mainstream. Ever since I’ve known her, Lily has always clung onto the fringes of society, so I didn’t expect she’d do something so thoroughly respectable.

Anywho, she went on this pretty insane rant about just how little sleep she got before her first day of class. And by little, I mean none. She didn’t sleep. The girl pulled an all-nighter before rocking up to her first day of class. Who the hell does that? I mean, staying awake all night was something to be proud of when you’re a kid, but out our age, it’s madness. No wonder she found all her trigger point dry needling courses incredibly difficult, your brain just doesn’t function is you’re running on no sleep.

So that in mind, I give this day a 5/10. It was neither terrible nor wonderful, just very, very strange.