That Renovation Rules

Welcome to Australia’s hottest new internet competition, That Renovation Rules, inspired by the mega-popular Australia’s Next Top Office, which ran for two seasons before the entire town they had built was destroyed by an angry wizard. We are pretty sure nothing that drastic is going to happen in this renovation competition, but we can’t make any promises. We do have some pretty awesome contestants for you, and who knows what sort of mischief they are going to get up to. I’m Matthew Randal, host of this fantastic competition, here to introduce you to our five contestants, who will receive their own profiles online in the coming days. Who can renovate the best kitchen, bathroom or laundry? Let’s find out!

Our first contestant is Hawkvision, the famous superhero who doesn’t really pull his weight in the greatest superhero team of all time. Can he trade in his bow and arrows for a hammer and nails, completing one of the finest kitchen renovations Melbourne residents have ever seen? We’ll soon find out.

Second, we have the world-famous chef from Paris, France, Remington Rat! He has tried his hand at cooking, and now he wants to get renovating! 

The third contestant we have for you today is El-Rod, Lord of Rivertown. You’d think he would be too busy as ruler of an elven city to join a renovation competition, but apparently not! Watch out, because he is the best when it comes to bathroom design near Melbourne. He might have this competition in the bag!

Next, we have the universe’s most lovable robot: Wallet. For now, he may just be a trash-compacting robot competing in a renovation competition, but we all know how his love story goes in the future! Who couldn’t love Wallet and Eva?

Finally, our last contestant is Arthur Weasel, the regular magician from the world of wizards. What kind of renovation will he complete? I’m sure it will be just magical.