Termites Don’t Deserve Respect

termite inspectionI always feel like there are some professions that require a good deal more professionalism than others. Like…being a vet. You can’t deal with people’s pets without them trusting you, and if you’re losing paperwork left right and centre, giving the wrong injections and telling people to chill because it’s ‘just an animal’, then people are going to change vets pretty quickly. Professionalism and compassion, that’s what you need. In fact, it’s exactly why I recently changed vets…because wow, seriously, some people DO treat pets like family. It’s the way it should be; they deserve bedside manner just like everyone else!

And then there are people who do pest control. Frankston isn’t the worst for termites and such, but it still happens, and pest control people are still walking into your home and demanding that they be allowed to make holes in the walls, access every nook and cranny and just generally spray chemicals all over the place. It’s daunting if you put it like that, which is why they don’t, but a lot of people have a problem with the whole thing. No, really. There were protests last year, or maybe the year before, where people were trying to stop all termite control in Melbourne and everywhere else, because they thought termites were just doing their natural thing and we should respect that.

They may be doing their natural thing, but did they build those houses? No…they did not. And thus they have no right to go and eat them. There are plenty of trees in the world! Of course, some were protesting and saying that all wood in the world is technically the domain of termites, which makes no sense because there isn’t any legal documentation involved. Still others say we need to develop new technology; all Frankston termite inspection people need to start a process of mass, humane relocation.

There’s nothing humane about what termites can do to a home. This, I also know from experience…