Signwriters to save my business

signage MelbourneI had decided to change the way my business feels by getting the signs redone. The colours were far too bland, white on the main board and egg yolk yellow font. It was a horrible combination and left nothing to be desired. I decided to scatter the new sign designs with different coloured panels, let my character and energy shine through the signs of my business. Why not? I phoned Melbourne business signwriters and spoke with them about their work. They told me they had a team of qualified sign designers with a wealth of experience that would be more than happy to take on the job. The signwriter asked if I had planned my colour scheme yet and how many different colours would be needed all together. I gave the guy all the information I had and told him to be as creative as he needed. Someone from the design team would call me up to give me a quote the next day on the signage. I was super excited when I hung up the phone. I have a tendency to say something and not ever follow through with it, so I was really glad I had made all the arrangements to follow through this time. I spent an hour looking at all the colours I’d chosen with the signwriter. Melbourne has a lot of business that I’m competing with so I need a way to stand out.  It was a good sign that I still loved each combination of them. I could imagine what the business signs would look like once the artists had finished and I couldn’t wait for them to be done.

The signwriter told me I was very brave making each sign a different colour but said he believed the colours all matched and would look very good together. I was happy to hear the guy applaud my efforts, it was a lot nicer than the usual criticism I get from family members. I scheduled the job in for the following week. My business signs would be colourful and drawing in new business in no time. Great day, 7 out of 10.