Don’t Learn and Drive

speedboatMy day? Awful. Honestly, I blame the French course.

I know multitasking while driving is never a good thing to do, but I was driving a speedboat so I thought it was fine! Really, all I have in front of me in the open sea, it was a cold, cloudy day so no one was out there and I really didn’t think I’d be crashing into anything. Well, I did. My friend does engines and anchor winches and outboard motor repair, Melbourne has never seen a crash so horrific. Well, I’m pretty much unharmed except for a bad case of whiplash, so at least it wasn’t horrific for me. Still, my precious speedboat is ruined. Never again will the Mussolini streak past a bunch of people who are peacefully fishing and utterly ruin their expedition by kicking up water in their faces. I did so love doing that to people.

So yes, the French course. I should probably have been paying attention to that aforementioned anchor winch, seeing as when I set off it was a bit loose and I was in danger of losing the whole business. I thought one more little trip couldn’t hurt things. I’m learning French at the moment via audio course, and it’s quite involved. It got to a part where we learned several hard words at once, which is really the main problem here. Who does that? I’m here, trying to drive my speedboat, and you throw about three words into my burgeoning vocabulary? Is the guy completely mad? So I’m trying to conjugate verbs and remember the phrase ‘She has prepared the dinner, and I am hungry’, and I completely fail to realise that there’s a sort of rocky reef just up ahead. I glanced at them, but I mistook them for waves. A few seconds later I was plowing through the rocks, having completely forgotten the French word for ‘today’ (and I still can’t remember- it was unfairly long).

Now even Melbourne greatest boat mechanic can’t put my shredded boat together again. Ne très bien pas!