Get This House an Antenna

TVThe kids I babysit are currently going through a phase. To be honest, I don’t think the parents should’ve let them get this obsessed with anything, but…I’m not here to judge. I just try to look after them as best I can! Anyway, the latest series of the long-running Power Rangers came out recently. You know, the one about Park Rangers who travel around campsites, charging the electronic devices of campers who may be in need. The rangers also have powerful quads from all that walking. I don’t really get the appeal, but it’s been running for about fifteen years. And with the kids THAT obsessed, you’d think the parents would’ve found a decent person who does digital antenna installation in Melbourne. The show is broadcast from the US so you need an actual digital antenna to watch it live. But the broadcast recently cut out, and I had to brave the rain to go outside and give it a look.

Honestly, standing outside in the storm was almost better than being inside with two pre-teen boys who were losing their minds at the thought that they’d be missing their favourite show (internet, seriously!) but I soon discovered that the antenna was hanging by a thread. Maybe it got hit by a tree branch, or a falling tile, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I went back inside, soaking, and showed the boys how to just watch the episode online, because it had been originally broadcast weeks ago. Still, the digital antenna was a problem. When the parents got home, they just said that they hadn’t had it repaired, because they’d been hoping something bad would happen to it and the boys would just go outside and play.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What kind of messed up parenting was this?? But I’m not here to judge. I had to do something, for all of our sanity. So I’m now looking up Melbourne’s antenna specialist people. The kids need this show. I need to keep them happy. And maybe these parents need some classes or something, because seriously

-A. Zeiglar