A Push for the Dream!

keynote speakerWhy did all my friends choose NOW to go on their ultra-fancy America trip? Oh, sure, they were all apologetic because I had to work, but there’s was no talk of having it during the school holidays so I’d have natural holidays. Nope, no waiting. Well, the joke’s on them, even as they post their stupid selfies all over Visage-Tome. Because I’ve won the opportunity of a lifetime, and I can take three friends.

Oh, all my friends are away? What a shame, I’ll have to find some other people to go to this amazing, wonderful, fantastic conference. Not the traditional conference. This one is made of some MAJOR names in industry who’ve taken up being a keynote speaker. Perth isn’t usually where you’d find that sort of thing, being all the way over here, but a lot of them have come from Europe so it’s a bit less travel time, I suppose. A few of Australia’s event speakers have actually come to coach them in the art of coaching, after which they’ll share their wisdom in front of a crowd of very select music enthusiasts.

I only won the tickets because I know every lyric to every song written by the hit 80s European band GABBA. Oh, GABBA…you were never the same after you lost Greta. Everyone knows that’s the reason they broke up. Still, they’ve been my musical inspiration ever since we formed this band. We’ve had a couple of gigs and they’ve gone over well- the adulation of the crowd is intoxicating- but I feel like we’re in a rut. How do we take things forward?

Well, I’m on the case. I won these tickets in a radio competition with my quick reflexes and GABBAS knowledge. This is gonna be the genesis of our band’s success, I just know it. Inspirational speakers to share their wisdom, to give us the motivation that we need. I still need guests though, since my friends ditched me. Might need some new band members as well…