Wedding Guests and Skin Peels

wedding guestsOut of ten, I’d probably give this day…perhaps seven? I might even add a half. Don’t quote me on that, though. It’s been quite a rough day. When your friends get married, or if they already have been married…you understand. A wedding just has a way of making everything stressful.

See, it’s not just an event for the bride and groom. No, no…that’s what they want you think. It’s actually for everyone ELSE. See, you know that you have to look good for a wedding, supposedly out of respect. In fact, a full month before I was ringing up every place in Melbourne that did chemical peels and booking my appointment, and I assure you that most of the girls going to that wedding would be doing the same. Probably some of the guys too, but they’d be more busy growing their beards and doing whatever else it is they do. Anyway, I got my skin peel booked, my manicure triple booked (those can take a while) and then I had to go dress shopping because there was no WAY I was going to leave only a week for the search as some people did. That’s just not enough time, no way. You’re just surrounded by potential partners at a wedding, plus it’s the only time you see some friends and family members so you have to look the best you’ve ever looked. EVER.

All was well, and I woke up at 5am the day of the wedding to make my preparations. I’d just had the chemical skin peel and I was feeling fabulous. Makeup came next, after which I found myself finishing early. Well, better early than late! So I started watching Deathly Hallows Part II because I’d started the night before with our pre-wedding party and we hadn’t finished. It got to the end, my face was streaked with tears and my makeup ruined. Mistake! I only just made it in time. If I hadn’t had that dermal filling, Melbourne could’ve been down one eligible bachelorette! Still, made it in time. Stressful, seriously.