Testament today

will and testamentToday has been rough. Sarah, after asking for years, finally got her heart’s desire – she got to take me to a lawyer. Why did she take me to a lawyer? To get my last will and testament sorted out, that’s why. I dare you to think of a worse Father’s Day present.

That last part was a joke. You see, Sarah and I have talked for years about getting my will sorted out. She’s a lawyer, and so she deals with these kinds of things all the time. I know that she knows that I want to leave everything easy and clear cut for my family. The difference is really between having that as something I will eventually do in the far-off distant future is one thing. Doing it today was quite another.

The process really wasn’t very painful. In fact, it was actually quite nice to sit down and methodically go through all my assets and family members. It felt like I was giving back to them, in a strange sort of way. What really bothered me was thinking about my own mortality. I believe the first moment I truly began to believe in the length of my lifespan was when my beautiful wife had our wonderful children. Having kids really put things in perspective. But, even as they grew up so fast before my eyes, I didn’t really want to believe that time was passing at the same rate for me. It was like they were in their own little bubble, and adult life was separate. Sarah, my eldest, finishing first high school and then her law degree really rammed home the fact that, as much as I could try and avoid it, I’m getting older every day.

Now, with this will and testament, Sarah is going to legally have power of attorney in Victoria over me. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I know that whatever it is, she’ll use it well. All in all, I give this day a 7/10.