Live-In Kitchens

If I could, I’d live in my kitchen. That actually doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, and very doable if you had a proper design in place. That’s my idea of a quality modern kitchen designer: a bedroom section that can maybe fold up, or perhaps you don’t even need something like that at all. I’m seeing a luxury kitchen, with an island that sits right in the middle made of mahogany. But then off to the side there’s a circular  open chamber where you’ll find a grand, four-poster bed, maybe also a mirror and a bedside table, a hidden walk-in wardrobe and let’s just say the whole thing is raised on a grand dias of sorts. So I wouldn’t be sleeping right there in the middle of the kitchen, but the kitchen WOULD be extremely accessible. I could wake up in the morning and bake some English muffins for breakfast, perhaps. Or if I wanted to bake a cake in the middle of the night, i could quite easily do so. I’d just descend the gilded stairs in my dressing gown and get right to work, as opposed to now when I have to go all the way downstairs. As in, the real stairs, and it’s often in the dark as well and that’s where nasties live.

Alternatively, I could just curb my strange habit of wanting to bake at night, but…no, that’s silly. The heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart is telling me that 3 am is the perfect time to bake brownies. Then they’ll be all ready for everyone when they get up in the morning, and I just can’t sleep unless I get up and curb my baking desires.

Everyone wins if I sleep in the kitchen, or at least very close, in a room attached to the main kitchen area. This is my destiny. Contemporary kitchen design in Melbourne is about to be truly revolutionary, and I hope you’re all ready for it. Also, muffins. Muffins, brownies and slices. They will flow like rain.